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My name is Daisey Yu. I'm an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan, pursuing a Public Health Major and a Writing Minor. This is my portfolio of my writing journey since starting the Sweetland Minor in Writing program. I'll be sharing my class final projects!

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My Projects

Fall 2021 - Writing 220

Shelley Manis

This class is the beginning of my writing minor journey at University of Michigan. I learned about different genres of writing and the incorporation of multimedia. For the final portfolio, I changed the genre of my High School Newspaper AP Stat Report into a How-To-Guide for new and upcoming high school newspaper clubs!


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Winter 2022 - English 225

Ryan McCarty

I've always considered argumentative writing as my strong suit, and English 225 was the perfect class to develop it even further. We're often told that narratives aren't good ways to support an argument, but I learned how impactful they can be when used correctly. In this class, I learned how to argue and use evidence properly. I developed my own research study and found answers to my question but also raised new ones. 

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